Worker Cooperative Fundamentals: Personnel

In this series, you will learn the importance of creating a human-centered personnel practices that will cultivate a democratic work culture and support the success of your business.You will become familiar with performance evaluation and performance improvement planning best practices. This series covers, personnel systems, performance evaluation tools, and holding workers accountable

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Yarissa Soriano
Yarissa Soriano

Yarissa is DAWI's Education and Training Manager, working to ensure DAWI program partners, members and developers learn the tools necessary to start and sustain democratic workplaces. Before working at DAWI, Yarissa was a curriculum manager at PHI, an organization that works with long-term care executive leaders and frontline staff to create fundamentally new care systems. She worked with home care agencies to develop adult-centered in-person and online skill-building training. And she also facilitated the PHI signature Coaching Supervision®, a curriculum that strengthens teams and builds relational skills. Yarissa is a certified online training professional. She graduated from CUNY City College of New York with a BA in Sociology.

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